Strategic Business Partnerships

What matters most to an SME?

That is a question that only the entrepreneur can answer, they know their business and how to get the most out of it.

What we do know is that running a business involves a complex network of moving parts that need the right support to ensure they operate at optimal efficiency.

Strategic Business Partnerships

From IT support to tax and audit advice, from marketing and website design, to even hosting a professional business lunch, these are just some of the ancillary concerns of the SME.

How then does the entrepreneur overcome these constant challenges while at the same time focusing on their core business operations?

Enter the Leogem Business Park Network and allow us to assist you.
Founded on the principles of co-operative economics, Leogem Business Parks are developed for the SME business of the entrepreneur.

As a tenant in a Leogem Business Park, your business will be able to join a network of professional resources that will help ensure that the rest is taken care of while you focus on your business.

How the Leogem Business Park network operates:

Carefully selected and vetted professional suppliers are fused to the network.

Once you sign a rental agreement at a Leogem Business Park and become tenant, you are invited to make use of this professional network.

Using your unique Leogem ID will enable you to get in touch and receive expert advice and services at discounted prices.