Leogem Value Added Features

Intelligent leasing

Leogem understands that your business is our business, we are dedicated to ensuring our leases are structured to meet the tenant’s business requirement.

Our brokers are trained in the art of lease negotiation and structuring, which allows them to effectively negotiate between landlord and tenant.

  • A well structured lease ensures a sound relationship between landlord and tenant.
  • Positioned between landlord and tenant, the broker is trained to understand the business needs of the tenant.
  • Our brokers encapsulate a combination of business skills and empathy.
  • Structure your lease to suit your business from where it is to where it is projected to be.
  • Each underlined item is the idea of the role that the broker is playing in the tenants life and lease structuring
Intelligent leasing

1. As A Financial Companion

Cash flow issues for a start up?

  • Move-in ready units and cash flow relief offered with beneficial occupation.
  • Electricity voucher to get you started in your new premises.
  • Structure the lease to afford your business the kick start it needs with a Tenant Installation Allowance to assist with the initial capital expense.

2. Corporate Image Consultant

Need an image upgrade?

  • Enquire about our commercial units to create your own space and build a strong corporate image.
  • Secure a Tenant Installation Allowance to put towards internal partitioning and finishes.
  • Take advantage of the furniture voucher to furnish your new business space.

3. Business Planning Assistance

Unpredictable future?

  • Get in touch to discuss our Tenant Advantages and understand how our lease agreements offer peace of mind for an uncertain future.
  • All our leases boast a Rapport Program clause which allows tenants to be excused from their contract should they be unable to pay their business rental due to a loss of income

4. Business Growth Partner

In need of bigger premises?

  • Move across to a larger space within any of our commercial parks without the costs and hassle of finding new premises.
  • Our commercial parks offer a variety of sizes and once you’re part of the network, your broker can source new premises and save on additional moving costs.
  • The lease terms can be renegotiated in substantiated cases